On the edge…

On the edge…


it is clearly being slapped into our faces

but still we refuse to feel the pain

they decide what is cool and fashionable and they train us to see it that way.

so when they say mind control is cool, we’ll believe it is.

I love Halloween…… have a great weekend everyone!

I love Halloween…… have a great weekend everyone!


Late Night Enlightenment

So I learned in a Evolution of Humans class that there a few minor differences in the way humans interact and think that make us different from primates, let alone all other animals. Primates are able to read, recognize symbols and work together with humans but there are certain things that primates cannot do.

The most important characteristic is an ability called mind-reading. Now humans cant exactly mind-read per-say, but we do have the ability to understand what another person is thinking by the body language they project, their facial features, and what they verbally say. This communication puts us in their head and lets us sort of see what they are thinking. While primates can take direction from humans and copy us, they cannot read what we are thinking.

This got me thinking that this ability to mind-read and see outside of ourselves is a quality that grows and matures over the course of a human life as well, and on a bigger picture it also affects humanity as a whole and how we continue to evolve into the future.

Let me explain. When we are babies, I remember thinking (and I also learned this in my psychology classes) that the whole world revolved around me. I thought everything was created for the sole purpose of my life and everything that was done, was done because it needed to be done in order to make me happy. If I didnt like something that made it factually a bad thing, and if I liked something, that meant it had to be good.

As I got older I started making relationships with other people, first my family, then my friends, and neighbors, schoolmates, church members, so on and so forth. The older I got the more I realized that the world was starting to revolve less and less around me. To this day, the more I travel and learn about other cultures, and meet more people, my ego shrinks———— and my mind reading abilities grow.

After reflecting upon this more deeply I realized that other people probably realized the world was not revolving around them either: and that some of these people went in two directions after coming to this conclusion. They could either help others around them, help the world, putting the world in front of them, using LOVE and compassion to make the humanity more important than them, be completely selfless and helpful and loving (like Jesus)………….or they could go the opposite direction and try to capture humanities attention and FORCE the world to revolve around them. For at least a little bit. These people are nurses, teachers, philanthropists and on the opposite side politicians, celebrities and businessmen.

I think the higher we evolve the less self-less we get. Thats why buddha and Jesus are two of the most enlightened dudes around. They were both completely self-less, and put humanity before themselves. Using love. Not by trying to gain power.

If we all tried to live like them maybe we would become a better, higher evolved race. Pretty smart for some apes, huh Darwin?


This Matters

"Does anyone really not know what the basic message is of this protest: that Wall Street is oozing corruption and criminality and its unrestrained political power— in the from of crony capitalism and ownership of political institutions— is destroying fninacial security for everyone else."

"This is not the time to be looking for ways to dismiss a nascent movement against the power of capital, but to do the opposite: to find ways to embrace it, support it, and help it grow into its enormous potential. With so much at stake, cynicism is a luxury we simply cannot afford."



Does the Californian dream of a blonde haired, blue eyed beach babe have a more sinister history?

"By 1933, California had subjected more people to forceful sterilization than all the other U.S. states combined. The forced sterilization program engineered by the Nazis was partly inspired by California’s." -History of Eugenics in the United States

Is this something everyone one knows but no one talks about?

“When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker a raving lunatic.” Dresden James 

In Defense of Watch The Throne


1. Lady Gaga, in one of her acceptance speeches at the VMA’s last week, told the audience that every video that we watch has a deeper meaning, whether that be explicit or implicit. 

2. Jay-Z and Kanye are smart men, and I believe that if they simply wanted to flash how richer they are than the average person, they could and would. But that’s not what they are doing here. 

3. After some thought, I have come to the conclusion that the album Watch the Throne is an attempt to cultivate hip-hop society from being one that only talks about things like prostitutes and guns and drugs and the “ghetto”- to being one that is posh, sophisticated and high-class. Critics are right, the decadence they talk about on this album is not relatable to most of their fans. But I think what Kanye and Jay-Z are trying to say is: Black people are super sophisticated and high-class too. They used Otis Redding and Nina Simone samples on this album for a reason. They also talk about sophisticated watches, champagne, clothes and cars on this album for a reason. They want to show the world that high society is penetrable by blacks. 

"Only spot a few blacks the higher I go
What’s up to Will, Shoutout to O
That ain’t enough, We gon need a million more
Kick in the door, Biggie flow
I’m all dressed up with nowhere to go”

-Murder to Excellence

"By using intelligence testing, American eugenicists asserted that social mobility was indicative of one’s genetic fitness. This reaffirmed the existing class and racial heirarchys and explained why the upper-to-middle class was predominately white. Middle-to-upper class status was a marker of “superior strains.” In contrast, eugenicists believed poverty to be a characteristic of genetic inferiority, which meant that that those deemed “unfit” were predominately of the lower classes." -History of Eugenics in the United States

The things they DON’T teach us in American history class still have a huge impact on American society. Eugenics in the United States was a huge movement. I believe that this album is a modern backlash to that way of thinking and is the artistic stand of two black men who have climbed the ladder of success and can see the “blueprint” from above.

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